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Citations of the United States Joint Statement (USJS) in the media:


The USJS co-founders wrote an Op-Ed piece, which was featured in MedPage Today, an online medical news site.

The Williams Institute has completed an extensive analysis on the prevalence and damages of “conversion therapy.”

Conversion Therapy Denounced by 28 U.S. Mental Health and Medical Organizations, an article by Christopher Wiggins about the USJS on the Advocate website.

The USJS is cited in the American Journal of Public Health (AJPH) titled Inequities in Conversion Practice Exposure at the Intersection of Ethnoracial and Gender Identities.

28 medical organizations issue unprecedented statement against conversion therapy, an article featuring the USJS by Johnny Levanier on the website INTO.

The USJS is cited in A Letter to Parents of Faith Learning a Child is Transgender, by Dr. Melissa J. Grey, on the Psychology Today website.

The Association of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Addiction Professionals and their Allies (NALGAP) featured the USJS Press Release on their website.&nbsp


Research and articles of interest re: Conversion Efforts


Dr. Nathaniel Frank, founder and director of What We Know Research Portal and USJS Advisory Council member, collected research about Conversion efforts.

SAMSHA’s recent report on “Moving beyond change efforts” is a PDF document available for free download.

The APA’s two position papers on SOCE and GICE were inspired by our request to have the APA sign onto the USJS:

A 2023 report by The Trevor Project reveals that so-called “conversion therapy” is still prevalent in the US.

A recent article on the Good Men Project website about consequences of positive versus negative response to gender dysphoria in trans teens.

The online publication ZeroHedge tells us where in the world Conversion Efforts are still legal.

A Baptist News Global article about the harms of “Conversion Therapy.”

A recent study on the ongoing prevalence of “conversion therapy.”

A Los Angeles Blade article warning against new effort to keep kids from being trans.

Article in the Scientific American titled Evidence Undermines ‘Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria’ Claims.

Northwestern University’s Counseling Department offers perspectives on counseling people in the aftermath of “conversion therapy.”

The National Center for Lesbian Rights has an initiative called Born Perfect to fight the spread of conversion efforts nationwide.

The Trevor Project created a video about the dangers of conversion efforts especially for youth.

The Human Rights Campaign’s article on

The Lies and Dangers of Efforts to Change Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity.

Parents, Educators, Legislators, and Healthcare Providers Beware

BEWARE of any therapy advertised as “Gender Exploratory Therapy.” Gender Exploratory Therapy may attempt to present itself as a harmless exploration of one’s gender identity, but in reality, it is nothing more than a repackaging of “conversion therapy.” Conversion therapy refers to any emotional or physical treatment that aims to “cure” or “repair” a person’s sexual attraction, gender identity, or expression. The abusive nature of conversion efforts have been widely recognized and condemned by partnering associations of the USJS.

By disguising itself as Gender Exploratory Therapy, this harmful practice seeks to deceive those who may be seeking support and understanding in their gender journey. Their goal is to withhold any gender-affirming treatment and instead find an explanation that is convincing enough to persuade a trans person to delay their transition. They especially pray on youth and their families.

“Much like how a crisis pregnancy center steers pregnant people away from abortion, GETA’s (Gender Exploratory Therapy Association) strategy is to sound cautious and helpful while promoting a very specific view of how people should live their lives, which is as the gender they were assigned at birth.” –Slate article, 2023

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